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Titanium Reticulated Pythons

An extremely variable pattern mutation. Het Titaniums are often visual, and known as Citrons.


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Baby Titaniums- in all their different expressions available now from the founding breeders of Titaniums in the world. These Recessive snakes are a great investment, and now with the onset of the exciting new combos like Platinum Titaniums, Albino Sunfire Titaniums, and more- their popularity has surged! Still extremely rare in collections, and now very reasonable priced, a Titanium bred to anything will produce 100% Citrons- a snake that adds intensity and coverage of color to any morph you put it into- Albinos, Sunfires, and Platinums have all proven to be absolutely gorgeous when they are het for Titanium- what will this morph do to your projects? The Titanium is an extremely variable morph in its expression (just see our New Precious Metals breeder package), and is easily affected by other morphs- making it very promising when it comes to radical new combos. On it's own- no 2 Titaniums look alike, with completely different background colors, accents, stripes, spots, or paradox markings, separation or blending of tones- it's a free for all!  Ask about getting into some of the trophy Titaniums we hatch on occasion for the serious collector/breeder.

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